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Unglaubliches Ordensphänomen

Durch eine befreundete Ordensschwester bin ich gerade auf das folgende Video aufmerksam geworden und auf diese unglaubliche Geschichte der Klarissinnen in Lerma. Schaut es euch selbst an und freut euch am Wirken des Herrn.

Wer dem Italienischen nicht mächtig ist findet unter dem Video eine englische Fassung.

Halleluja! Gott ist so groß und unglaublich!

English transcript of the video:

Singing: As close as the air I breathe, as close as morning that breaks,
as close as this song that you hear. God is here. As close as the air I breathe, as close as morning that breaks, as close as this song that you hear.

Father: Dearest listeners, today we come together to meet these friends who I would call the Christian Resistance of Spain, after the Monastery of Silos. I want to introduce to you this reality that you see here. Understand that this is not a meeting or a chapter, but rather an entire community made up of 140 sisters, as you can see for yourselves, most of whom are very young. This was a community that did not see new vocation for 23 years and was almost extinct.

Then the grace of God began to work and this happened. And now we have this group of extremely happy young women. Why? Where have these women found such happiness? It’s only one thing, Jesus, right?
Mother Veronica is the abbess now, and she has watched this phenomenon that is unique in the world take shape.

Singing: It is a river that flows upwards and confirms on high the Holy Spirit and His outpouring. And when it happens everything is transformed, joy for you and for me.

Father: how does it feel, Mother Veronica, to be the mother of so many young women?

Mother Veronica: A lot of joy because here there is a burning love for Jesus. I am very in love with Him. These sisters have given me life. Maternity comes from God.

Father: Dear friends, before coming here today I preached a week-long retreat for these sisters, and they say it was beneficial to them but I think I am the one who has benefitted because I have seen what the Lord has done today. The Lord is not dead. He is just as alive as in the times of Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross and many others. What is your name?

Sister: My name is Marcela. I am 23 and came here 4 years ago. I have realized that Jesus is a person Who is alive and real. I can touch Him, see Him. My feminine heart has fallen in love with Him.
At first I was afraid of losing my femininity, of giving up being a woman, a mother, a wife, things we all want to have. Through my consecration in this community, I have seen that Jesus is a real and concrete Spouse. It is something we learn here every day and it fills the heart with joy.
(little flamenco)

Father: what is your name?

Sister: My name is Raquel and I’m 21. I am here because I have five sisters who are already in the convent. When the first one entered I saw that for them Jesus was a man Who makes your heart fall in love. So I asked Our Lady to teach me to love her Son like she does. Little by little I began falling in love with Him until I could no longer resist.

Singing: it’s like a river inside of me. I trust in Christ my King.

Sister: I studied aeronautics because I love aeroplanes. But one day I found Jesus. I left the aeroplanes for Him. From that moment I began a walk that has led me here.

Father: I would like to conclude our time in the most joyful way possible: by listening to the voices of these marvellous young women who, more than just Christians, are young women in love with Jesus. As they sing, I say goodbye to you until next Saturday. Peace and goodness to all.

Singing: I belong to Christ and I give Him what I have, He is our great treasure, the only thing we need is Jesus Christ. And I give Him what I have, He is our great treasure, the only thing we need is Jesus Christ. Come and you will see. And I give Him what I have, He is our great treasure, the only thing we need is Jesus Christ.

Quelle der englischen Übersetzung von seanie hier: http://gloria.tv/?media=46140&connection=cabledsl

Außerdem noch ein Arikel (auf Deutsch) mit mehr Informationen.

Update: Inzwischen bin ich darauf aufmerksam geworden, dass die junge Schwesternschar um Sr. Veronica sich von ihrem Mutterhaus getrennt haben und nun eine neue eigene Gemeinschaft bilden. Genaueres dazu kann hier (auf Spanisch) nachgelesen werden.
[Vielleicht gibt es unter den Lesern jemand, der mir diesen Artikel wenigstens auszugweise übersetzen könnte?! Mit meinen Französischkenntnissen verstehe ich zwar grob einiges, aber doch nicht alles – und es ist ziemlich anstrengend.]

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